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SlimCleaner 4.1 Free Download For Windows

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free Download

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free Download

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free Download For Windows – SlimCleaner 4.1 Free is the globe’s very first software application that allows you tidy and enhance Windows systems using a crowd-sourced strategy. Software application utilizes aggregated-cloud feedback to advise optimum settings for programs, startups and solutions.

SlimCleaner utilizes what’s called “authoritative position” to guarantee that the rankings for your programs are precise and that they reflect what people actually assume. It functions by weighing the rankings of each factor versus their previous degrees of precision and also against the rankings of upper-level customers.

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free is the first software program to utilize social networking for PC repair and optimization. SlimCleaner Free combines the industry’s fastest PC cleansing engine with a community of individuals that supply real-time feedback to improve computer system performance. SlimCleaner utilizes social networking as well as community-sourced feedback to tell individuals what’s on their computer, and what they can do concerning it: it resembles having a military of tech-savvy nerds assisting consumers preserve their makers.

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free is SlimWare Utilities’ most ambitious update ever before released for keeping PCs clean as well as performing at peak performance. This brand-new version integrates remedies to one of the most common PC issues as well as puts them in a solitary, simple, automatic software.

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free Download

SlimCleaner 4.1 Free Latest New features include Intelligent Defrag, a Match File Finder (including IntelliMatch Scan), a Solid-State Drive Optimization Device as well as a Software application Updater to maintain all the software application on a PC present. Crowd-sourced and cloud-based, SlimCleaner 4.1 for Windows integrates an effective PC cleansing engine with an area of individuals that supply real-time feedback concerning the applications and also items on a PC, to aid others enhance their own computer’s performance.

Requirements :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version : Appium 1.9.0

Name : Appium

Size : 91.72 MB

Download SlimCleaner 4.1  Latest Version  – Windows 

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