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Epic Privacy Browser 71.0 Download

Epic Privacy Browser 71.0

Epic Privacy Browser 71.0

Epic Privacy Browser 71.0 Download –  Epic Privacy Browser Safety and security is a big concern, and also your privacy is a huge part of it. There are a plethora of ways that you can ensure your personal privacy remains behind shut doors whilst browsing the internet. As an example, you can delete your history after each searching session, or utilize your browser’s exclusive surfing setting. Including a Do Not Track plug-in is likewise helpful, as well as hiding your IP address by going through a proxy.

Epic Privacy Browser 71.0 has been created particularly with personal privacy in mind. It has actually been built on the Chromium system and also doesn’t preserve history, doesn’t enable plug-ins as well as it blocks third-party cookies. It features an integrated proxy to hide your IP address as well.

Trick Attributes consist of:
  • Instantaneous Proxy.
  • Protect Look.
  • Do Not Track.
  • Cookie Blocker.

The application also has some cool ‘under the hood’ safety features too. Epic Privacy Browser blocks fingerprinting manuscripts and also features such as photo canvas data accessing in order to safeguard you from being tracked Download Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser 71.0

Epic Privacy Browser is quickly, basic and really safe and secure. It has some excellent safety attributes as requirement. Overall, Epic Privacy Browser 71.0 makes certain protecting your privacy is not a choice, it is the default. With tools such as energetic Do Not Track, and a built-in Web proxy, this browser focuses on security and also privacy to ensure you personal privacy stays intact.

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Requirements :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac Latest Version : Epic Privacy Browser Name : Epic Privacy Browser 71.0.3578.98 Size : 1.75MB

Download Epic Privacy Browser 71.0 Latest Version – Windows

Download Epic Privacy Browser 71.0 Latest Version – Mac

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