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Download VoodooShield Latest Version

Download VoodooShield

Download VoodooShield Latest Version

Download VoodooShield Latest Version – Standard blacklist antivirus software attempts to obstruct the 15,000+ brand-new viruses a day. We recognized that antivirus business can not possibly stay up to date with every one of the brand-new infections, so we created a various technique. VoodooShield 2017 obstructs all executable code (including infections), other than the software you enable. VoodooShield 2017 uses an exclusive aggressive whitelist strategy to infection defense.

Because VoodooShield 2017 is entirely different from standard antivirus software program, it is ESSENTIAL that you recognize how it works in order to utilize it properly.

Download VoodooShield Latest Version

Just what’s New:

  • Included compression energies to the prone procedure listing
  • There was an extremely unusual quiet obstructing issue when VS can not figure out the absolute course, this is taken care of
  • Blocking in Disable/ Install Mode ought to be repaired, if not, please let me understand
  • Regional bug when the system time was altered to a different layout ought to be repaired
  • Drag as well as drop as well as the right click context “VoodooShield Check” now sustains all documents kinds
    Logging pest taken care of
  • Way too many command lines were being included in the listing … must be fixed
  • Xcopy was being blocked by batch documents
    ” Threats Obstructed: x” to be a clickable button that leads you to the UI area that shows your quarantine/blocked was included
  • A great deal of various other tiny repairs

Latest Version : VoodooShield 3.51

Last updated: February 13, 2017
OS: Windows

Download VoodooShield Latest Version

Supported versions Download
VoodooShield For Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista  Download
VoodooShield For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10  Download
VoodooShield For Mac OS X  Download

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