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Download PuTTY 0.73 Latest Version

PuTTY PuTTY 2017 Download

PuTTY as my Windows SSH client but these 10 best SSH clients made me rethink. And I am no longer using PuTTY for SSH on Windows 10 machine. Linux based systems are becoming more and more common. As examples, DD-WRT router administration, ASUS router hacks, and Raspberry Pi management, all require SSH work.

SSH or Secure Shell, in simple terms, provides commandline access to a remote system running SSH server. For any admin level hacks you will be required to SSH into your remote system. For several years I used PuTTY, but early this year I switched to MobaXterm Home Edition, a free SSH client for Windows, and I am more than happy. I have shown you how to install SSH on Ubuntu Server. In this post, I will cover some of the best SSH clients for Windows and some free alternatives to PuTTY 

PuTTY 2017 Download

Best SSH Clients PuTTY 2017 for Windows

A big missing piece in Windows is the lack of a Linux compatible shell. There are several top SSH clients that fill this void. To cut to the chase: PuTTY is the most common free SSH client for Windows. My personal favorite is MobaXterm, which is free for personal use with up to 10 hosts. Read on to find out more about other free Windows SSH client options.

Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 / Mac

Latest Version : 0.73

License : Free

Publisher : https://www.putty.org/

Size : 2.91MB

Download PuTTY Latest Version – Windows 32Bit

Download PuTTY Latest VersionWindows 64Bit

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