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Download Confide 2022.1.10.1 Latest Version

Download Confide

Download Confide 1.5.9 Latest Version

Download Confide encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-protected messenger allows you to connect digitally with the very same degree of privacy and safety and security as the spoken word. With encrypted messages that self-destruct, Confide provides you the convenience of recognizing that your private messages will currently really remain in this way. Interact digitally with the exact same degree of privacy and protection as the talked word. Go over delicate topics, brainstorm suggestions or offer unfiltered opinions without concern of the Internet’s permanent, digital record as well as without duplicates left behind. Confide 1.5.9 usages armed forces grade end-to-end encryption to keep your messages risk-free.

Confide Free usages military-grade end-to-end security to keep your messages safe and to ensure they can only be read by the desired recipients. Messages go away forever after they are read as soon as, making them as personal as well as safe as the spoken word. Confide maintains your interaction secure by shielding your messages from screenshot efforts.

Download Confide 1.5.9 Latest Version

Confide is offered for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and also Apple Watch and enables you to stay attached at your desk or on the move. Confide is also equated into 15 languages and is presently being made use of in over 180 countries worldwide, Download Confide for PC

Confide Qualities:

Army Grade Cryptography
Confide makes use of fight evaluated, military grade cryptography to maintain your messages secure and safe and secure. We incorporate this with a straightforward as well as instinctive individual experience to offer premium security, without any arrangement needed.

End-to-End File encryption
All messages in between Confide customers are end-to-end encrypted. File encryption keys are created locally on each gadget as well as the private crucial never leaves the tool, making certain that only the intended receivers can read your messages.

Transportation Layer Protection
All communication goes through Transportation Layer Protection (TLS), avoiding any type of feasible man-in-the-middle strike as well as providing yet another layer of safety and security, privacy and also data integrity.Download Confide 1.5.9 for Windows

Security is an important part of confidentiality however it’s not the only one. After a message is decrypted it ends up being susceptible. It can be archived, printed and even sent. But Confide messages self-destruct. After they are read as soon as, they are gone. We remove them from our servers and clean them from the tool. No forwarding, no printing, no saving … no nothing.

Screenshot Protected
Screenshots have the capacity of making the perishable permanent. Confide protects against screenshots on most of our platforms. Where prevention is not technically possible, our patent-pending analysis experience ensures that only a sliver of the message is revealed at once which the sender’s name is not visible. We also kick the recipient from the message and alert the sender that a screenshot has actually been attempted.

Pictures, Records, Voice & Group Messaging
Send out message, photos, documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF) as well as voice messages to people or teams. Like message, all photos, documents and also voice messages are encrypted, ephemeral and screenshot-protected. Communicate in whatever format you would certainly such as, without leaving a duplicate behind.

Latest Version : Confide 1.5.9

Name :Confide

Size : 56.58 Mb

Download Confide Latest Version – Windows

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