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Download AdFender 2.55 Latest Version


Download AdFender

AdFender is a sophisticated application that filters various different types of web content from web pages, and prevents certain details from heading out to internet servers. If your web content is filtered it can conserve you useful time and also transmission capacity. Not just that, but it also improves your online privacy

AdFender is a free and also efficient ad obstructing option. It removes mess from web pages such as increasing banner ads, flash ads and blocks other intrusive in-your face ads. AdFender runs unobtrusively behind-the-scenes and also assist you browse much faster saving important transmission capacity. It deals with all leading web browsers, immediate messengers and also P2P apps. AdFender is easy to use and calls for no customer arrangement. It helps remove profiling or monitoring cookies that endanger your online privac, Download AdFender for PC

AdFender is a regional content-filtering HTTP proxy server. Generally when you view content online, your internet browser calls internet servers directly to recover specific web pages that you request. Often, nonetheless, web browsers are set up to utilize an intermediary called a proxy server (A proxy server is a program that accepts demands from a web browser to obtain a specific website and afterwards contacts the web server including that web page). The proxy then passes all the data from the web server to the internet browser. AdFender uses the name of the website (LINK) that a web browser would certainly request as the base of it’s functional choices. If AdFender figures out that the demand is for marketing, the request is after that blocked, otherwise it passes all information from the internet server back to the web browser.

Download AdFender

Trick features include:

  • Blocks all kinds of marketing.
  • Blocks malware domains.
  • Automatic filter updates.
  • Accelerate web browsing.
  • Safeguards online personal privacy.
  • Removes profiling cookies.

AdFender lets you take control of your browsing experience. You can block banner advertisements, video advertisements, pop-ups and drifting ads. You can speed up web surfing and also thereby conserve bandwidth. You can also eliminate profiling cookies as well as safeguard your online personal privacy. AdFender lets you pick from numerous filter lists and also it automatically collaborates with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and also Opera.

Requirements : Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

Latest Version :  2.55

License : Free

Publisher : https://adfender.com/

Size : 8.09MB

Download AdFender Latest Version – Windows


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